Quantity vs Quality

I’ve been thinking a lot about the quantity of media lately and if it’s as effective as it should be.

I was driving down the interstate and noticed about 10 billboards on each side of the road. They were so close together that as I drove by I realized I didn’t have enough time to really grasp the value that each one was driving as I tried to stay on the road. I caught a couple logos (I’m sure the golden arches were in there somewhere 🙂 ) but they were SO close that I didn’t even have time to read where to turn off if I was hungry. Has it really come to the point that marketing and advertising is strictly a case of brand recognition based on the number of times we can get a logo in front of our target? Because if thats the case then theres no point in doing quality creative work or even defining the value of our products.

As I walk down the street I see advertising and cross advertising everywhere but no real value proposition. I see Harley Davidson logos on trucks, Jimi Hendrix branded energy drinks and I feel like I am missing the point sometimes. Now this isn’t to say that I don’t believe that there is a time and place for cross branding, I would just like to see some sort of connection between the products.

I feel that this oversaturation is not only diluting our messages but we end up with our lives covered in advertising without the element of choice involved. There’s even a Kentucky Fried Chicken Logo visible from space. Thats a high class way to introduce new life to our planet!

I’ll get off my soapbox now though, because I do see a change happening now with the onset of social and viral medias and I think that it could really change how we position advertising and how the public receives it. This is not to say that billboards or traditional medias will go away because that’s just not going to happen. The point is that now the consumer has the choice and its the message we present that will determine whether the consumer passes it on or endorses it themselves. I feel that this will really give us a chance to start communicating again with the end users.

Please feel free to comment. I would love to hear any views. That said I will leave you (and contribute to social media by choice) with one of my favorite social marketing links Will it Blend! (If you haven’t seen this you really should)

– Scott


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