Around our office the latest tech applications are always embraced. From Wiki’s and Blog’s to Podcasts and custom CMS conversion tools it’s all good. As long as you can find a purpose for it. Social media is usually silly and definitely fun but when it can be effectively integrated within a strategic campaign it’s even better. Twitter is no exception to this rule.

The basic concept of Twitter is like subscribing to a newsletter. The only difference being you only have 140 characters in which to type your content and you can receive many in one day. In terms of valid content this can definitely provide a challenge having so little space, but I feel these limitations are definitely overcome by its strengths.

Twitters strength is its reach. This means its ability to contact your dedicated fan-base at any given time anywhere they are. There is really no other way to gain this reach in as effective manner, and as mobile internet capability increases this will only become more powerful. While its content may be limited, it’s definitely an ideal driver.

I tested this effectiveness using Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, my mediapirate WordPress blog and the Sterling Cross website. With links connecting each of these media applications together I simply sent a message telling people to check out my latest blog entry and included the link. Then I sat back and watched the stats. It was really amazing to watch how Twitter interacted with my followers and my Facebook friends, sending them to the mediapirate Blog and then watching the runoff into the Sterling Cross site and my LinkedIn profile. Within the first twenty minutes I had seventeen views to my Blog and about five visits to each of my other portals. I was really impressed with how immediate the call to action really was. It was basically as personal as calling everyone up and telling them to go check out my Blog.

If you have any innovative uses for Twitter please feel free to share them with me. I would love to hear your cool ideas. If you would like to follow me my Twitter name is mediapirate. If you get a chance check out my heavily twitterized co-worker Chris on Twitter. His name is MrChristopherL and he’s constantly Twittering. I believe he is also launching a Twitter based blog at abovethebuzz so take a peek there if you aren’t twittered out yet.

Check out the latest Twitter application Twhirl. It’s a desktop client for Twitter that makes your texting addiction even easier. 🙂


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