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A Reason to Return

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Everyday I talk to clients or potential clients about their online presence and everyday I have to review the analytics with them. While garnering new traffic is great, a lot of companies pay very little attention to encouraging them to come back?

What you need to ask yourself is why “you” return to a site? Either it contains a product you require more than once or it engages and interacts with you.

The crucial element is content, and what I mean by content is valid useful information that focuses on the needs of the end user. This is why we come back. It’s for all of those neat self gratifying elements that can affect even the smallest component of the users day. The downloadable recipes and the timely weather reports before a picnic. It’s really not about how your company started or how long you have been around. While this is useful information to determine the validity of your company and showcase a strong foundation it’s just not going to make someone return to your site.

So while it’s “your” site and “your” image make sure to think about the people who you want to visit your site and what they want. If you only pay attention to what you want, you may find the internet a very lonely place indeed!

– Scott


EXECUTIVE READ – “Meatball Sundae” by Seth Godin

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Here is my executive read that was originally featured in the Pioneer Press here. This article was released on 05/10/2008 and very out of marketing fashion I didn’t post it online. Since then, I have been heckled in a friendly way by my peers (Thanks Mykl 🙂 )and to that end. Dun Dun Dun…Here is the article!

What: “Meatball Sundae” by Seth Godin

Why: In the words of Seth Godin, the Internet has delivered the fourth revolution and this incarnation has deemed that traditional media rules are no longer as effective as they once were — a worrisome tale indeed for a world that is so deeply rooted in traditional advertising and marketing. However, Godin warns, converting from traditional media into an online arena isn’t as simple as tossing a few tech-based gadgets on your Web site. It requires a more holistic approach to your company. This means changing the way you operate from the ground up to maximize the effect of this new medium.

It’s not just about having a brochure Web site or blogging, it’s about revisiting your company to redefine fulfillment and utilize online tools to cater more effectively to smaller niche market segments. In truth, it’s about common sense. It’s about using the tools available on more than just a basic level and ensuring that these tools are a part of your company’s larger picture.

One of the most common statements from marketing and advertising clients is, “I need a blog,” and yet when you ask them why, the response is typically, “Well, because my competitor has one,” or even “because everyone is talking about them.” Godin’s book is all about justification. Do you have a reason for implementing this technology? Is your company’s current structure set up to maximize the benefits of this technology? Who will be responsible for this new technology?

What “Meatball Sundae” so strongly points out is there is massive potential in new media tools but if you are incorporating them without a strategic marketing plan, they can just as easily hurt more than help.

Expand your Reach

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This is an article I wrote to send out to the Sterling Cross Group subscribers and I thought you all may be interested:

An ideal way for you to expand your marketing reach is through the use
of social media. There are lots of social media tools available to
reach new target audiences such as Twitter, WordPress, Blogger,
Facebook, Myspace, LinkedIn, Flickr, Youtube and many, many more.
These tools allow you to build subscriber bases that allow your
audience to choose the medium in which you maintain contact with them.
With mobile media you can access your subscribers anywhere and
anytime, by blogging you can boost keyword density and drive traffic
to your site, with corporate social media you can request
introductions to possible vendors and clients and best of all your
subscribers have opted-in and are asking to hear everything you have
to say.

There are many amazing case studies on the positive marketing effects
of social media such as the “Adidas NBA all-star weekend” mobile
campaign and the “Will it Blend” Youtube campaign but the point is
that if your company wants to benefit from social media you have to
embrace it. This means coming up with a creative idea and remaining
committed to the fulfillment of this idea. Social media can be one of
the most cost effective high impact forms of marketing available today
and it’s easy to learn how to track and manage. So feel free to play
around with these tools. Envision what your target would like to see
if they used these tools because in all truth they probably already are.

Scott Baird
Creative/Integrated Media Director
Sterling Cross Communications

For more information on these tools and how to use them please feel
free to contact us anytime. Sterling Cross Communications is a fully
integrated media provider specializing in the use of new technologies
to drive traditional marketing and public relations.