Is too much social media a bad thing? (Part II)

In response to a comment from my last entry (Andy in specific) – I did tweet (a post in the twitter application for those not familiar with tweets) some time ago about the ineffective use of social media and how too many social media portals has the tendency to become advertising or spam. After a number of discussions with SM professionals though I decided to investigate some of them. I ended up applying for twenty or so to see what they were all about. I quickly found I didn’t have time to manage the relationship building. I then discovered hellotxt thinking it was a way to manage communicating to these multiple portals but this just wasn’t the case. I was only talking and not listening.

To me the “social” part of social media is the overall exchange of ideas, links, and conveying your overall personality in an online arena. This is something you just can’t get across if you aren’t actively reading and responding to other peoples postings. I have since ended up using my many accounts through hellotxt as a way to reach the masses and using the most active of my social media accounts to engage and showcase my presence. This still of course isn’t ideal but neither is being spread thin enough that I render them all ineffective.

So how do all of you manage your social media applications to effect. I know that my business audience would be greatly interested in your insight as would I. So please feel free to share your practices in as much or as little detail as you would like. Maybe we can actually find a way to manage our social media so we can have actual lives offline too.

By the way Arik, the link you sent me was great!

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11 Responses to “Is too much social media a bad thing? (Part II)”

  1. At this time, yes, unless you want to be one of those “conversationalists” who has one one way conversations and feels effective, heard, and accomplished. I’m not sure where that’s a good brand strategy, whether it’s for yourself or for your new line of Hummer’s. Some might say starting the conversation is enough, but I’d say one thing is missing from that; stimulating the conversation keeps it actively moving.

    Starting a conversation and walking away is an effective way to be arrogant. You make your point, walk away, and never respond to the ensuing conversation. You can aggregate conversations, but then you can’t immediately respond in an integrated application. You can blast out statuses, micro updates, or pictures, but then you can’t listen in an integrated application.

    Enter: data portability. Once developers grasp the idea that the value is not in the information, but in the flow of the information, then too much social media won’t be a bad thing. Until then, it is.

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  3. Hi,

    Social Media as such are just platforms right… So if you understand RSS – the concept of automatically syndicating your content – you’ll be able to think “platform independent” and handle all those social media through a limited amount of feeds…

    For the more “personal” pages on Facebook etc… try updating all of them at once using or other related services…

    Kind regards.

  4. Heidi Sullivan Says:

    I think you really hit on the key to all of this in this post – social media is for community building and engaging… unlike traditional media, there is the capability (and neccessity) to have a discussion – there is no God speaking to the masses. HOWEVER, many sites suddenly become obsessed with MORE users and MORE posts at the expense of the quality of the posts and users. Mack Collier had an interesting discussion about karma and Plurk on his blog yesterday:

    What’s more important? More interaction – or the quality of the community interaction?

    Thanks for the post – I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out in the future!

  5. I wish I had a good answer, but I don’t. Sure data portability and aggregate apps like friendfeed will help us manage all our conversations, however you’ve nailed the core problem on the head: You can only be truly ‘social’ and ‘authentic’ with so many people. Otherwise, you get spread thin, possibly ‘disappear’. That’s the danger of powerful magic –just ask Frodo.

  6. TOO MUCH SOCIAL MEDIA??! Not possible. I mean, yes, on Facebook I’m getting tired of being poked, sold, kissed, a pirate, on the Oregon Trail, shipwrecked and made into a Disney character BUT there is no denying that social media is here to stay. It’s the job of you and me to filter the necessary from the unnecessary (and by that I mean what is necessary to you… not necessary to life). I was asked just today by my client (I’m in PR) whether I’m getting OVERWHELMED by social media outlets and networks. The answer is YES but I have to get overwhelmed in order to be “in the know”. I want to be a part of this trend. If someone thinks that there is TOO MUCH social media, then pick and choose your favorites (keep a list or make a Top 5 bookmark on your computer) and stick with those. You don’t HAVE to know EVERYTHING. That would be impossible. And it will grow exponentially in the next few years so HANG ON TIGHT!

  7. This message was sent to you from your social media tools and strategies Group in
    Posted By: Ragan/1salam1

    Yes. The audience for social media is under 20% of all media audience and the majority age demographic is under 40 (or 30?). Let us not neglect the other 80% of media that most people read. For example if we carefully examine message forums — most postings are rants and not very useful — and how big is this audience? etc…..

  8. This was my response to 1salam1’s comment on

    While I tend to agree with your statement that focusing on too many social media portals is ineffective I am curious as to where you get your stats? I would say that at least 35% of my social media followers are 45 .

    While I do embrace traditional advertising and marketing (I am from that background) I am seeing a very established trend leaning towards online and social media realms. While there are numerous rants online more and more people are giving up even reading the newspaper.

    According to Reuters almost 50% of people are turning to the internet as their primary source of news as shown below.

    Now I’m definitely not saying that traditional media doesn’t have it’s place I am just saying that it’s not as big as it once was and it’s looking like it’s going to get smaller yet.

  9. This is another message was sent to me from my social media tools and strategies Group
    Posted By: Ragan/1salam1

    Social Media needs to be defined and broken down into its sub-groups. We have blogs, newsgroups, message forums, social network sites, video sites. How can we answer: Is too much social media a bad thing? It is another media that is available and may be useful. All of the various medias are useful to fulfill certain needs…

    Online mainstream media is improving as it often allows readers to post comments. Newspapers allow letters to the editor (print and online), etc. Broadcast allows viewers to post comments online…

    The “social media” audience is still small compared to the big media picture — and yes it is growing as mainstream media is shrinking…

    Here is an interesting media survey that Ketchum prepared from October 2007 data:

  10. Here is my response to 1salam1’s second comment:

    It seems as though we actually agree on most of our points and thank you for the link. I understand they all have their specific uses and I have always looked at each element of independant media as another great avenue for communication.

    Unfortunately it still doesn’t answer the initial question that I have posed though.

    While social media can be broken down just like traditional media can be broken down there is a major defining difference. The difference that allows us the potential to answer “Is too much social media a bad thing?” is engagement. Social media portals (Which includes online aspects of traditional media that allows for comments) require you to maintain constant communication to remain effective. So while traditional media is primarily a one sided conversation, social media requires constant maintainance.

    This is the basis for my initial question. The question in it’s most basic form was: If you are utilizing multiple media portals are you spreading yourself too thin by trying to maintain multiple conversations or are you maximizing the media by having numerous outlets. Check out the start of the conversation here.

  11. charlesrenae Says:

    I still think that any media is good media… Really now though how could one have to much media?

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