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Merry Christmas Now Walk The Plank You Scurvy Elf!

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Merry Xmas everyone! I am off to Texas/Mexico to spend time with my family over the holidays so I just wanted to wish you all amazing holidays and enough pirate rum that you can’t remember enough about them to tell me 🙂

Check out one of the sweetness of presents (My new nifty T-shirt) that the lovely duo of Chris (@MrChristopherL) and Mary (@PRMoxie) gave me for xmas! Neato hey?


Merry Christmas from Sterling Cross Group!


Go East Young Man, Go East!

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Cool bottle of TY KU liqueur

Welcome to a completely unexpected review! While I am typically a scotch or beer drinker when it comes to alcohol I have had an amazing introduction to the tastiness of Asian inspired drinks lately from two completely unrelated sources.

The first experience that I had with these exotic drinks (outside sipping warm sake with sushi and the occasional sake bomb with friends) has been at a Minneapolis restaurant & the first sake microbrewery outside of Japan called moto-i. I ordered the flight of sake which consists of three different unpasturized sakes Junmai Nama, Junmai Nama Nigori and Junmai Nama Genshu. They were all awesome! Yet they were all very unique in their own right. The Junmai Nama is very crisp with almost a fruity aftertaste. The Junmai Nama Nigori is (my favorite by far) is a visually cloudy sake that has very textured taste with hints of watermelon with a little less sweetness to it. Lastly, the Junmai Nama Genshu which is the kicker of the bunch. The Genshu has a powerful little kick of which I failed to notice until a short while later 🙂 Makes for a fun evening for sure, and if what I have heard is true there is no hangover when drinking quality sake. That is something any pirate can enjoy!

My second experience involves an eastern inspired Liqueur called TY KU. First off, this bottle is the coolest thing ever! The bottle lights up! How cool is that. Seriously, I have been involved with marketing and advertising for a long time and 99.9% of the time the client decides against these type of cool elements in favor of a more cost cutting solution. So congrats on the design team for pulling that off! Ok, ok, enough about the packaging you media geek! Lets get to the taste! The taste is unique and far more complex than your standard vodka & seven. With hints of green tea, ginseng, honeydew, and something called mangosteen (?) this drink is a refreshing change to the pallette, it’s honestly nice to try something that doesn’t taste like everything else these days. It’s a crisp drink with a mellow aftertaste that can be mixed or poured straight (Both ways are great, I tried it. Purely for research purposes of course hehe) without being overbearing.

So if you are in the mood for something off the beaten track or sick of your regular drinks I would highly recommend trying either of these fantastic beverages. These days everything seems very cookie cutter it’s very cool to see some companies that are willing to push our boundaries!

Back to Social Media Bacak’s (Basics)

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I really wasn’t prepared to do another blog so soon but a situation happened this morning that changed my mind. This morning we were shown how social media in the wrong hands can create a backlash go viral and destroy a reputation.

The unfortunate target of discussion is a man named Matt Bacak (@mattbacak on twitter). I don’t know Matt. In fact all I know is what his bio says “Husband, Dad, Internet Marketer and Entrepreneur”. This guy could be a perfectly nice guy. The only problem is he released this. It’s a press release where he states “Anyone can call their promotional abilities ‘powerful’ but I actually prove that mine are,”. The problem is that this type of ego really contradicts the the overall social media mentality which is basically “It’s not about you, it’s about the overall community”.

The backlash that I mentioned earlier is shown here. Hundreds of comments naming him as “The Biggest Douche In Social Media”. I know, you all want that title 🙂 He has even been featured on Digg with this title (Matt Bacak on Digg) and at the time of this post has 197 Diggs. At this point it has gone viral and there isn’t much he can do about it.

I feel bad for Matt but this is what happens when you enter social media with a traditional marketing stance. Social media followers need to feel special and not like numbers. When someone goes and states that they are more powerful than everyone else due to their excessive follower numbers their followers end up feeling more like a stepping stone than a part of the bigger picture. It also didn’t help that Matt was only following back 32 people of the 1800 that followed him.

Let me know what you think of this situation. Do you think this punishment was warranted? or was it too harsh? How would you deal with a situation like this if you were Matt?

The Real Questions Behind Social Media In Business

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So what is this social media thing all about? Do I get a blog started, or maybe chat with people about nothing on strangely named applications like twurk or plitter (Yes, I realize that’s not what they are called)? Can I make money with social media? Will my business look unprofessional in the context of social media?

The answer isn’t as straight-forward or as simple as “yes” or “no” but it’s not as complex as we seem to make it either. We have just been asking the wrong question the whole time. While I do appreciate that blogs are read by a large percentage of people and twitter is growing at a record pace it’s about more than these simple stats. Here is the magic questions…..dun dun dun….Can this fit into my companies existing marketing strategy? Do I really know how to use social media? Does my target market exist on these platforms?

So it’s really not a question of the tools. It’s a question of strategy and implementation. So without knowing your marketing strategy or your target here are a few tips to help you avoid the old school interuption marketing approach within social media.

1) This is an important one: Follow all valid followers. I’ve said it a million times but I always get questioned on this. Social media isn’t social unless it’s a two way conversation. This isn’t advertising on TV, print or radio you need to listen even more than you talk.

Once you have followed all of these people how do you manage them and interact with them? This can be tricky because the more people that you have following you the harder it is to keep that personal touch, but it just requires a different perspective on the situation. Look at your social media following like it’s a party. While you can’t be involved in all conversations make sure you respond to the people talking directly to you within a fairly short period of time and engage in interesting conversations that occur.

2) Don’t use auto follow and more importantly don’t use auto follow with a sales pitch attached. This is another form of interruption marketing that might sound like a good idea but in a social media context it will not typically be received well. Social media is all about the conversation so if it isn’t something you would say to someone you’ve just met in a social situation then don’t say it here. Build your relationships and listen to what people need. Once they learn what you do they will be more than happy making use of your services and passing out references.

3) Use a picture of yourself. Sure, you may work for the biggest company in the world but social media is about the connection between individuals. Seeing a face will allow your audience to get to know you on a completely different level while building your own personal brand. An amazing example of this is Frank (@ComcastCares on twitter). Frank has changed many peoples views on Comcast as a company including mine but we all know him as Frank. If he was just a number within the company we wouldn’t have the faith in him we do.

4) Allow people to opt out. You can’t hold people hostage to your subscription services. Respecting peoples space is very important. I have seen numerous situations where followers have tried to unsubscribe to services for one reason or another and were unable to. This hurts your credibility and can cause followers to share negative opinions of you online which of course isn’t a great idea in terms of reputation management.

5) Don’t remove yourself from the conversation. Allow people to comment on your blog entries and media portals such as Facebook and Myspace. By disabling comments to protect yourself from outside opinions you remove yourself from the conversation. This means any chance of building advocacy or reputation management is lost. People will still share their opinions but now they will be forced to do so outside of your environment resulting in even less control. Address negative posts and thank the positive. Remember, sometimes losing control to a degree is the best way to maintain control.

Please let me know your questions and thoughts. Social media is ever evolving opportunity so jump into the conversation and maybe we can all learn something.

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