Mediapirates Top Five Reasons To Use Social Media!

In the past few days I have used social media for so many things that I think I’m almost starting to take it for granted. It’s just SO convenient and I use it so much that I think that I would be lost if it suddenly disappeared. So for those of you not yet completely immersed in this fantastic new form of communication I present my top five reasons why you might want to consider it!

5) Driving Traffic – Who knows maybe this is how you found my blog! It’s just amazing how powerful social media is for driving traffic to your own media or things that you find interesting. I can’t tell you how many sites I visit daily because my social media community has recommended them. It would really show the power of social media traffic to know how you got here so if you get a moment leave a comment on this entry and just say how you found out about my blog.

4) Getting Work – Since starting our social media initiatives Sterling Cross Communications has received numerous business leads, speaking offers (Which have lead to business), partner projects and actual direct contracts. I believe that in the future this will be our largest segment growth for new business. Yeah, I know this one should have been higher but I like social media for so many other things than just work.

3) Searching For Talent Or Just Plain Advice – When I go to look for a specific talent or I need to know something, social media is the first place I turn. I can’t even tel you how many times I have needed to know something specific or needed a very specific service and have found it in my network. In fact last night I was looking for a PR arm in Ohio and within six minutes I received well over 30 responses! These people are amazing!

2) Posting Media – Posting my photos, videos, blog entries, etc. and being able to share these moments instantly with family and friends. Allowing people to share my life from a distance is very important. My girlfriend lives in Fargo, my daughter and friends live in Calgary AB, Canada, and my parents go between a lake place in Canada and a winter place in Texas so you see how crucial communication is to me. My social media campaigns allow me to feel connected to all of the people that matter in my life and that really rocks 🙂

1) Community – My favorite part of social media without a doubt is being part of something bigger and being able to rely on the support of a community. The reach of social media is truely unlimited and I have met some fantastic people that without social media I never would have met. Some help me in business (I hope I do the same for them as well) and some I just like to chat with but regardless of the reason the world seems just a little bit smaller.

If you ever had doubts about the value of social media I hope this helps. Please feel free to add me and say hi! Below is a list of just some of the social media portals I am on. If you have any questions or comments I would love to hear from you.

All the best,

Ping FM
Hi 5


5 Responses to “Mediapirates Top Five Reasons To Use Social Media!”

  1. I agree with you on the benefits. After all I discovered your blog because you follow me on Twitter and I wish to get an idea of the person before following them (you pass the test).

    I tried many social media sites but since I do not wish to repeat everything all over the places, I prioritize my involvement to a small number of sites. The big question becomes: which ones?

    • That really is the big question. Which sites are worth your time. The answer is really two answers I believe. For the Social Media “Experts” I believe you need to understand the intricate dynamics of each application before you make a qualified decision. So that’s why I take the time to explore as many platforms as possible. Yes, it’s time consuming but if I want to help my clients in the most effective way possible it’s really my responsibility. The other answer is for all of the people that just want to use the tools for fun and social engagement. I would recommend following the popular paths. You will meet more people and have a more fulfilling experience than you would playing on the cutting edge of technology with the geeks 🙂

  2. Hi, cool site, good writing 😉

  3. WARNING: If you join anymore social media sites, your head may EXPLODE and leave a brainy mess all over!

    I suppose that would be pretty Hardcore Metal though!

  4. Interesting / engaging thoughts 🙂
    Got to your blog through Linked In (Twitter group posting)
    Keep on the good work 🙂

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