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Go East Young Man, Go East!

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Cool bottle of TY KU liqueur

Welcome to a completely unexpected review! While I am typically a scotch or beer drinker when it comes to alcohol I have had an amazing introduction to the tastiness of Asian inspired drinks lately from two completely unrelated sources.

The first experience that I had with these exotic drinks (outside sipping warm sake with sushi and the occasional sake bomb with friends) has been at a Minneapolis restaurant & the first sake microbrewery outside of Japan called moto-i. I ordered the flight of sake which consists of three different unpasturized sakes Junmai Nama, Junmai Nama Nigori and Junmai Nama Genshu. They were all awesome! Yet they were all very unique in their own right. The Junmai Nama is very crisp with almost a fruity aftertaste. The Junmai Nama Nigori is (my favorite by far) is a visually cloudy sake that has very textured taste with hints of watermelon with a little less sweetness to it. Lastly, the Junmai Nama Genshu which is the kicker of the bunch. The Genshu has a powerful little kick of which I failed to notice until a short while later 🙂 Makes for a fun evening for sure, and if what I have heard is true there is no hangover when drinking quality sake. That is something any pirate can enjoy!

My second experience involves an eastern inspired Liqueur called TY KU. First off, this bottle is the coolest thing ever! The bottle lights up! How cool is that. Seriously, I have been involved with marketing and advertising for a long time and 99.9% of the time the client decides against these type of cool elements in favor of a more cost cutting solution. So congrats on the design team for pulling that off! Ok, ok, enough about the packaging you media geek! Lets get to the taste! The taste is unique and far more complex than your standard vodka & seven. With hints of green tea, ginseng, honeydew, and something called mangosteen (?) this drink is a refreshing change to the pallette, it’s honestly nice to try something that doesn’t taste like everything else these days. It’s a crisp drink with a mellow aftertaste that can be mixed or poured straight (Both ways are great, I tried it. Purely for research purposes of course hehe) without being overbearing.

So if you are in the mood for something off the beaten track or sick of your regular drinks I would highly recommend trying either of these fantastic beverages. These days everything seems very cookie cutter it’s very cool to see some companies that are willing to push our boundaries!