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Legislating A Prison

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I can’t believe they passed the noise bylaw in Calgary. Legislating annoyances is ridiculous. All we’re doing is becoming a culture of legislating everything. Pretty soon you’ll have specific laws on how many hours your kids can play in their yard. No one talks to their neighbours any more. Maybe ensure that drivers maintain the speed limit and don’t drive recklessly on Deerfoot prior to wasting all of our tax money on these garbage regulations. I talked to my neighbours about my bike and everything’s fine. I’m personally sick of having everything we do put into laws that conform us all into the same person. There will always be obnoxious people in life and we can’t legislate them all away.

One of my FB friends said it best “You can’t legislate ignorance” (Quoting Jessi Ventura) and yet governments continuously attempt to do so under the guise of “the greater good”. The reality is they do it to have an excuse to criminalize …every single person they can, excluding themselves of course, so as to facilitate the theft of our freedoms and our wallets. As the rock music group System of a Down stated in one of their great songs on the Toxicity album “Their trying to build a prison system for you and me to live in!” As Benjamin Franklin once said “Those who choose safety over liberty, deserve neither safety nor liberty!”


Following Back on Twitter

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I’m just writing this blog entry to share my personal viewpoint on why you should follow people back on Twitter.

1) Becoming part of the community.

If you don’t follow back how can you interact with the community about things that they are talking about. It’s like shutting yourself off to everything that doesn’t pertain to you. Sure you can wait until they talk to you so you can respond but conversation is a two way street and unless you follow back you’re just a bystander waiting for engagement.

2) Respect

Why should I follow you and listen to you if you don’t follow me and listen to me? I feel that shows that you think you have something more important to say than I do and I feel that a social community is about sharing and being part of each others worlds.

3) Communication

You cut off the ability to receive DM’s from your followers. This limits personal interaction with your audience. It just makes sense to let people in within this medium

These are my three main points for following back on Twitter. There are many many more dependent on your end goals of course. I truly believe that unless you are following people back that you aren’t taking full advantage of the possibilities of engagement in the social media realm. I of course would love to hear your opinions and thoughts on this topic.

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